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Terms and Conditions


Our cotton products are made in European Union. We cooperate with several trusted fabric wholesalers who import cotton or threads from EU and outside.

Cotton Products

We guarantee to choose the best quality fabric available on our market. It is worth noticing that: - Natural cotton is an untreated fabric that may contain some flaws (dirt) or tiny knots. There might be difference in the way the material is woven which may result in the transparency of the fabric. The quality of the raw cotton fabric may vary from order to order. Different mechanical wrinkles can occur during production and rolling 280gsm natural colour cotton. These folds cannot be removed due to the nature of the fabric. As cotton is all-natural material, it does shrink in the wash and is rather susceptible to wrinkles. The products are all handmade, therefore there might be difference in size (+/ - 1cm) and shape of the bags within one order. The exact length of the handles cannot be guaranteed and the difference might exceed ( + / -2 cm).

Colour of the Fabric

The customers have to take into consideration that the colour of the fabric may slightly vary from the one presented on Cotton Barons’ website. The Clients have to note that the Pantone Chart is for guidance purposes only. All monitor displays vary and the colour of the fabric has no true representation of the colour chart provided. Please request the fabric sample if you have precise specification regarding the colour. Please note that the colour of the fabric may vary from order to order in terms of the shade.


The customers who wish to have our care label sewn into the product, are advised to inform us about it when placing the order.

Products Care

Our products are used as promotional products. It is advised to hand wash them in 30 C degrees.

Plain Samples

As all our products are made to order we are unable to store every size, shape and colour of the bag. We promise to send the nearest size available. If there is specific request for the sample the client is asked to make a payment.

On-line Proof

On-line proof is provided in order to present the artwork position and indicate the Pantone colours. The client is responsible for checking all proofs/artwork (including accuracy and layout)/specifications. Approved artwork cannot be amended. Colour variations are possible due to different monitor displays. Please order the printed sample if you have precise specification regarding the colour.

Printing Services

The print on the textile differs from the one printed on any other medias and the results should not be compared. Water inks are absorbed by the fabric, what may cause the change of the printed colour. Within one batch of the products it is likely for the artwork to vary in the position on the products (+ / -1cm). It is due to the production process and the nature of the cotton fabric. The 280gsm cotton fabric is characterised by the raised diagonal lines. Rough texture may result in not 100% ink coverage. Due to loose weave of the 150gsm cotton fabric there might be tiny gaps in the artwork printed. The artwork is printed according to Pantone C Matching System and it is matched as accurately as possible. However due to nature of the textile products there is an allowance for tone difference between specified Pantone and the printed artwork. Print location changes after the item is placed in the bag.


Production and printing costs are determined on the quantity of items required and complexity of the order. The quotation is valid for 30 days from the date specified.

Lead Time

The lead time is approximately 14 days (may change due to Bank Holidays in the UK and EU) once the on-line proof has been approved and the order placed.

Order Acknowledgement

Before the production process begins the order acknowledgement form is sent to the customer for approval.

Collecting Personal Data

We only collect personal information that is used in ordering process such as: name, address, contact telephone number, e-mail address. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties, such as transport companies. We may release your information when we believe it is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. We do not offer any sort of registration on our website or subscription to our newsletter.

Cancellation of the Order

The order can only be cancelled within one day from approving the order acknowledgement.

Order Acknowledgment

Before the production process begins the order acknowledgment is sent to the customer for the approval. The customer is advised to check all the information in the order acknowledgement as this is the summary of the order and it reflects the final product.


In order to deliver the goods, the customer needs to provide us with the full name, delivery address and the contact telephone number. All the details are passed on to the courier. Delivery prices are based on the weight of the consignment. We guarantee that your items will leave the factory on or before the dispatch date specified. As soon as the parcel has been dispatched the customer will be provided with the tracking number. We cannot be held responsible for goods lost or delayed by the courier company, however, we always try to help to resolve any issues that arise.
The Customer is kindly asked to inspect the condition of packaging on the receipt and report to a courier and Cotton Barons if any damages have occurred during transit. If possible pictures of the packaging need to be taken for further UPS investigation. If there is no-one in attendance to authorise receipt of the package, the delivery agent will leave a card and return the package to the depot where it will be held until instructions to re-deliver are provided. If no instructions are provided within 5 days, the package will be returned to sender.


Every supplier and cooperator of Cotton Barons is committed to the confidentiality in the full extend of the information provided by Cotton Barons. It applies to any form of direct contact made with Cotton Barons’ clients in order to engage in the deal omitting Cotton Barons. It also applies to the direct contact in any other respect without the permission of Cotton Barons. All the Cotton Barons' suppliers and cooperators are accepting this condition with the cooperation agreement. Anybody found breaking this agreement will be liable for the damages payout at the rate of Ł20000 per every single contact made.

Reviews and Complains on social media.

The penalty charge of Ł20000 applies in case the supplier or cooperator wishes to give the faulse statements about Cotton Barons on any of the public or private media platform. It is charged per every single/individual piece of information or review given. It also apllies to the faulse reviews or complains that are not true or appeared as a result of the despute that is not Cotton Barons' fault. Also applies when the review or comaint that came up in the process of a deal that did not go in line with the agreement but is not Cotton Barons' fault and can be proven. All the revies or complains left as a result of Cotton Barons' fault are within the full right of anybody that may be potentially harmed by Cotton Barons as a result of Cotton Barons' negligence.


The buyers are asked to make a payment of 100% of the value before the production process begins. However, on request we may change the condition to suit one’s needs. We offer our customers BACS system of the payment and the card payment via the phone.

Bank account details Cotton Barons Nat West Bank Account No 55588611 Sort Code 60-21-29
Telephone number: 0208 665 2460

Outstanding Payment Administrative Costs

Interests and administrative charges will be applied on any outstanding payment. All outstanding invoices passed the due date will be charged with the interest. The interest will be charged at the rate of 19.8% a year as per section 69 of the County Court’s Act 1984 and a daily charge of £4.45. All administrative letters regarding the outstanding payments are charged at £35 + VAT. All court proceedings will take place near the Cotton Barons place of residence. Please note that all invoices not settled within our payment terms will be referred to our Debt Recovery Agents and will be subject to a surcharge of £485 and 15% plus VAT in lieu of our recovery charges.

Customers’ Feedback

We use our customers’ feedback in order to act on the results.


Any complaint regarding goods must be made in writing to us within 7 days from the date of delivery. Complaints exceeding this period are not accepted.

Returned Products

Cotton Barons have got the right to resell the products returned by the clients.

Clients’ Products

The goods that are left from the production line are used as samples during Shows, photography sessions, in social media…The clients are advised to inform us if they do not agree to this practice. Cotton Barons have not got a right to resell them.

Privacy Policy

All the website content is the property of Cotton Barons. Any misuse, damaging actions or use of the Cotton Barons` content in order to obtain financial benefits will be treated as theft. All the above will be followed by the legal action in order to recover the cost of £2000 for each individual item. However, the use of the content is permitted on request. Also, no actions will be taken against customers who wish to use the content as a product sample representation.
All suppliers of Cotton Barons are approached in order to supply the goods to Cotton Barons only. Every bonding contract to supply the goods to Cotton Barons with the delivery to Cotton Barons` customers is only between the supplier and Cotton Barons. Every attempt to directly approach Cotton Barons` customers will be treated as the breach of contract and liable for the compensation in the sum of £25000 for damages.

European Labour Law

Cotton Barons act in the accordance to the European Employment Law which covers such areas as: conditions of employment (working time, posting of workers, discrimination, equal pay and the protection of pregnant workers); protection of personal data; free movement of workers; equal treatment; family friendly rights; health and safety - working times.

Applicable Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in the accordance with the laws of England and Wales and each party agrees irrevocably to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. Any other websites which are linked to our website are governed by their own terms and conditions. We accept no responsibility or liability for web sites that are not under our control.