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From a Tiny Seed to a Cotton Bag

Our Dear Clients often ask us about the origins of the cotton fabrics that we offer. And when I tell the whole story about where it comes from I myself wonder what happens with a cotton plant throughout the whole process before it becomes a bag. 
Cotton is a demanding plant and it has been known and cultivated for approximately 7000 years, so our ancestors knew its value thousands years ago. It needs at least 160 warm days and good, moisture soil to grow in the regions that are between latitudes 45 degrees north and 30 degrees south.
It is planted in spring into warm, nutrient soil and harvested in autumn. Mature, ready for picking bolls (cotton fruit), are in the form of white fluffy balls which are picked and then separated from the seeds and leaves. The fluffy cotton are then combed out and transformed into different types of yarn at a spinning yarn. The cotton yarn is then knitted or woven into fabrics which become bags, clothes, bed linens, and hundreds of other products.

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