Decorating cotton bags

How to Personalize and Decorate Cotton Bags

Cotton is a natural lightweight yet durable material that doesn’t tear easily even when wet. Bags made of cotton can be used to transport and store a wide variety of items: groceries, toiletries, laundry, jewellery, wedding favours, and more.

Cotton can easily be personalized to suit any style or purpose. Customized cotton bags are an excellent choice if you want to promote a brand or special event.

Screen printing, digital printing and embroidery are three of the best ways to personalize and decorate cotton bags.

Screen Printing Vs Digital Printing

Cotton bags can be screen or digitally printed with many different designs and logos.

Screen printing
Screen printing is a traditional manual method to apply designs to cloth.
A stencil of the design is created, then the stencil is placed on the cloth and layers of ink are painted on the stencil to achieve the final look.
Screen printing is best for medium to large designs that don’t have intricate detail.
It is recommended for big orders.

Digital Printing
Digital printing is a modern electronic method to apply designs to cloth.
Images or logos are scanned or created digitally with graphic design software. The design is applied to the cloth with a heavy duty printer that can handle cloth of different thicknesses. Most printers designed for home use are not suitable for quality screen printing on cotton so it’s best left to professionals.

Digital printing is suitable for most designs. It’s particularly good for small and intricate designs that are difficult or impossible to create with screen printing.
Due to the lengthy process, it applies mainly to small orders.


Embroidery is an elegant way to decorate cotton bags. For upscale hotels, it’s one of the most popular choices for branding cotton goods like bags and towels. Wedding planners often opt for embroidery to personalize cotton gift bags for guests.

Embroidery, in the past, was sewn by hand, but now it can be quickly applied by machine.

Cotton Barons offers several customization options for our eco-friendly cotton bags. Contact us today to create cotton bags that will help you to promote your brand or special event.

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