Good bespoke packaging solutions

5 Features of Good Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Customised packaging is an effective eye-catching way to promote a brand or commemorate a special event.

When you’re looking for the best bespoke packaging solutions for your needs, keep the following 5 criteria in mind:

1. Quality

The packaging you choose should be attractive, durable, and simple to open and close. It should be well constructed for the item(s) that it will hold.

Cotton is a strong yet light weight packaging option. It’s appropriate for wrapping a variety of products including jewellery, cosmetics, clothing, baked goods and wine. It’s simple to apply dye and print on good quality cotton, creating a crisp look that draws attention.

2. Customisable

Choose a solution that offers a range of colours and sizes, and the option to add a logo or other message.

Packaging can greatly influence perception of what the packaging contains. Personalising your packaging is key for making your product or gift memorable. Logos, if you opt to include them, should be clear and positioned for maximum impact.

A good bespoke packaging solution will help you create something that is both functional and aesthetically interesting.

3. Reusable/Recyclable

Reusable/recyclable packaging helps to reduce waste, protecting the environment. Reusable wrapping is also an easy way to remind the recipient of the package about your brand, or event, long after purchase or celebration.

Choosing packaging like eco-friendly cotton canvas, which is reusable many times, is best. Unlike cardboard, which is vulnerable to moisture damage among other disadvantages, quality cotton will hold up well for many years.

4. Value

A good packaging company will give you high quality products at a reasonable cost, often with options to cut down the cost per unit if you place a bulk order.

Compared to most advertising options, custom packaging with your logo is an affordable way to promote you brand or cause.

5. Prompt Customer Service

Choose a packaging company with an efficient and prompt ordering process. Make sure that all of your questions are satisfactorily answered before placing an order.
Cotton Barons offers a wide variety of customisable eco-friendly cotton bags for promotions and events. Our products are fully customized for our clients according to their needs and specifications. We love helping clients create memorable, durable, ecologically friendly packaging solutions.


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