Do I Really Need a Plastic Bag? Think Twice.

It is all about plastic these days. Shall we use it? How to reduce it? What is the best alternative? Are Cotton Bags the answer? 

One is certain and let’s admit it we cannot live without plastic. Simply there are aspects of life where plastic is needed. Very simple example, I have recently visited A&E with my husband, all the instruments were wrapped in plastic. Hygiene I am thinking.

In this article. I am not going to preach about reducing plastic to zero.

What we are all observing right now,  is the excessive use of it. Unnecessary amount of plastic creating piles of rubbish.What for? Just a convenience or a habit? We live in times where we want everything right now,  in an instant. We demand, we deserve, we expect, we complaint. Why shall I bother to carry a tote bag in my purse, why shall I keep some bags in the car? Why shall I take a bag for the shopping. I want a plastic bag, I have paid so much for my shopping so I deserve a free plastic bag.

But to be honest with you it is nothing new. Let’s’ go back to 80’s. What were our parents using at the farm market?  Wicker baskets. I am just finishing a book ‘Le Petit Nicolas’ by René Goscinny with my LO and there are references to the Dad taking a shopping bag whereas in ‘Bolek and Lolek’ in one of the adventure written in 80’s boys when sailing find a plastic bag in the ocean.

As in fashion, in health, life is a sine wave and the older I am the more I understand it. Now we are very low at the curve; tired of and frustrated with plastic carry bags. After this plastic period we are coming to conclusion we do not need a plastic bag just so it ends up (hopefully) in the bin within 15 mins.

I truly believe Cotton Bag is more than a bag. Firstly It is used to convey a message. It is a blank canvas waiting impatiently for your quote or design. Secondly it is a piece of art presenting  colorful, vivid, edge to edge prints. It is an accessory, part of the clothing. Last not least it brings memory of the Event.

What is special about bags, they are  not stocked items. Thanks to our YES attitude we create beautiful bags that our Clients are proud of and ask for more. Short runs means every company can have a fashionable line of bags which can be resold or given for free.

As business to business company we offer our Clients bags made from Oeko Tex certified cotton in a wide range of thickness, weave and  abundance of colour to choose from. However as we know it might not be enough, we dye the fabric in our high tech laboratory to match the specific Pantone. We also encourage our Clients to send their fabrics to our production house,for instance, recently our Client sent us sail which we used to make the lining of the bag. Now we are also at the stage of researches into hemp and jute just to offer our Clients more…

I am saying this not only as a  Business and Founder of Cotton Barons but also as a respectful human being and absolute fan of bags.  

I will also continue taking my bag with pride and replying like mantra at the counter ‘ I have got a bag,  I do not need one I have got my own one ‘

Aga Graupen
Director & Founder | Cotton Barons – Cotton Creations



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