10 Most Quirky Cotton Products of 2017

What a creative year…It has been so bespoke that we thought it would be worth summarizing and sharing our results with others.

We have made thousands of tote bags and cotton drawstring bags in various shapes, colours and weights.

Our creativeness did not stop though.

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Purchasing Reusable Cotton Grocery Bags vs Plastic or Paper: Impact on the Environment

Using natural reusable cotton grocery bags instead of plastic or paper grocery bags helps to protect the environment.


Plastic bags are rarely sturdy enough to reuse more than a few times – they stretch and tear too easily.

Petroleum, dyes, plasticisers, and other toxic chemicals are used to produce plastic bags. In many parts of the world, not many plastic grocery bags are recycled. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it photo-degrades, so it slowly breaks into small pieces. It can take up to 1000 years for degradation to complete. In the meantime, toxic substances in the plastic leach into the environment.

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Important Benefits of Using Cotton Products vs Products Made of Other Materials

Cotton offers a unique mix of characteristics. It’s ideal for creating many products including cotton packaging bags for storing and presenting everything from wedding favors to baked goods.

Opting for eco-friendly cotton products over products made with other materials is an excellent solution if you’re looking for an affordable, versatile and environmentally friendly material.

Top 10 benefits of using cotton instead of other materials:

1. Soft

Natural cotton, free of toxic chemicals and dyes, doesn’t irritate the skin like synthetic fibres and treated cotton can. Natural cotton also won’t trigger allergic reactions.

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Bags of Options

Thinking of injecting something new and exciting into your brand but stuck for ideas? Then fear not as we are here to help. With so much to choose from on our website we are certain we can help you create something special and memorable.

Spreading the word of your brand is of course hugely important and something we can strongly help you with.  More and more companies are seeing the value of giving away eco-friendly cotton bags to the public as a method of advertising.

With such a great reuse factor, cotton bags are a fantastic way for thousands of people to see your brand.

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Why Cotton Bags Are a School Essential

The time has come – summer is almost over, and we’re all starting to get prepared for the back to school experience that September brings. Whether you’re preparing yourself for school or university, or you’re trying to get your little one prepared, you have probably already drawn up a checklist.

School uniform? Tick. Notepads? Tick. Pens and pencils? Tick. But what else are you forgetting?

Here at Cotton Barons, we offer a range of cotton products, and some of them might just be the answer to many of your back to school problems! Let’s see what we’ve got for you…

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The History of British Cotton

Cotton has been around as long as some of humanity’s oldest civilizations, and today remains one of our most important raw materials for making textiles to use and wear. It is estimated that as far back as 4500 BC the ancient civilizations of Mexico  were cultivating cotton, as well as places over in the Indus Valley not long after that.

But it wasn’t until the European imperialists established thriving sea trade networks around the world that cotton really took off as a global commodity. The British East India Company introduced cotton to Britain, and thereafter demand began to grow.

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13 Ways to Use Cotton Drawstring Bags

Since the 5p bag rule was so rightly introduced, more and more people are seeing just how useful and worthwhile quality cotton bags are. Here at Cotton Barons, we offer a whole range of durable bags that are made from 100% cotton and are incredibly practical.

Available in different sizes and shapes, as well as being fully customisable, our cotton bags will cover all kinds of individual needs and requirements, from your favourite colour to a personalised logo.

Check out our cotton drawstring bags. They will provide you with a quick and comfortable way to carry your things or keep them together, whether it is for your weekly food shop or a unique way to wrap up a gift.

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Cotton – Why We Cherish It So Much

Cotton – the world’s most used material – is an amazing plant.
We learned to use all its parts, from the fibre for cloth making to the seeds which are the source of oil that is used in food industry. Its leftovers: meal and hull are used to feed farm animals.
Just look around – our t-shirts, underwear, bed linen, towels, and many other things are made from cotton.
This is because cotton fabric has so many qualities like being breathable, highly absorbent, durable and non-allergic.

It has also become popular for making bags as it is strong and very easy to sew and its absorbent qualities make it a great material for dyeing and printing.
We truly believe that a cotton bag is nature at its best – natural product that is fully recyclable and eco-friendly.

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Why You Would Not Be Able to Find Prices on Our Website

We don’t provide quotes on the website simply because all our products are customized, and prices may change depending on the quantity, size of the product and your specific requirements.

Showing prices means there is a single product type – however we make our products to our customers specifications, and these requirements can mean a variation in the cost. A single product price would simply be inaccurate.

Feel free to email us directly with your request, and we will be more than pleased to work on your product and prices for you.

Have a beautiful day,
Cotton Barons team
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A Great Story Behind a Cotton Product

We are proud to be a part of the Drain Dollies bags and cushion covers project.

Charlotte Wood, the founder of Drain Dollies created the company which sells bags that hold surgical drains safely and securely. She has also created small gorgeous cushion covers with the design that conveys an important message – the pink part of the ribbon symbolizes breast cancer and the teal part is the symbol of ovarian cancer. 10% of all the sales goes to Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention charity.

It is such an enormous honour for us to have the opportunity to make cotton products which are used to help women affected by breast and ovarian cancer.

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