Do I Really Need a Plastic Bag? Think Twice.

It is all about plastic these days. Shall we use it? How to reduce it? What is the best alternative? Are Cotton Bags the answer? 

One is certain and let’s admit it we cannot live without plastic. Simply there are aspects of life where plastic is needed. Very simple example, I have recently visited A&E with my husband, all the instruments were wrapped in plastic. Hygiene I am thinking.

In this article. I am not going to preach about reducing plastic to zero.

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10 Most Quirky Cotton Products of 2017

What a creative year…It has been so bespoke that we thought it would be worth summarizing and sharing our results with others.

We have made thousands of tote bags and cotton drawstring bags in various shapes, colours and weights.

Our creativeness did not stop though.

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Cotton – Why We Cherish It So Much

Cotton – the world’s most used material – is an amazing plant.
We learned to use all its parts, from the fibre for cloth making to the seeds which are the source of oil that is used in food industry. Its leftovers: meal and hull are used to feed farm animals.
Just look around – our t-shirts, underwear, bed linen, towels, and many other things are made from cotton.
This is because cotton fabric has so many qualities like being breathable, highly absorbent, durable and non-allergic.

It has also become popular for making bags as it is strong and very easy to sew and its absorbent qualities make it a great material for dyeing and printing.
We truly believe that a cotton bag is nature at its best – natural product that is fully recyclable and eco-friendly.

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Why You Would Not Be Able to Find Prices on Our Website

We don’t provide quotes on the website simply because all our products are customized, and prices may change depending on the quantity, size of the product and your specific requirements.

Showing prices means there is a single product type – however we make our products to our customers specifications, and these requirements can mean a variation in the cost. A single product price would simply be inaccurate.

Feel free to email us directly with your request, and we will be more than pleased to work on your product and prices for you.

Have a beautiful day,
Cotton Barons team
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A Great Story Behind a Cotton Product

We are proud to be a part of the Drain Dollies bags and cushion covers project.

Charlotte Wood, the founder of Drain Dollies created the company which sells bags that hold surgical drains safely and securely. She has also created small gorgeous cushion covers with the design that conveys an important message – the pink part of the ribbon symbolizes breast cancer and the teal part is the symbol of ovarian cancer. 10% of all the sales goes to Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention charity.

It is such an enormous honour for us to have the opportunity to make cotton products which are used to help women affected by breast and ovarian cancer.

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Avocado, Latte, Hawaiian and More….

Traditional khaki, elegant maroon, lively lime, yummi avocado, feminine magenta or baby blue … is our response to constantly growing creativeness of our Clients. We took this opinion on board and searched the fabric possibilities. . Apart from new shades we have introduced fantastic, loved by everyone canvas. Ideal for full colour printing due to plain and delicate weave. Please feel free to look at our extended range of cotton fabrics.. We are certain you will find your favourite match.

Please Enjoy!

Cotton Barons Team.

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Cross vs. Non-Cross Stitched Handles

Most of the tote bags have CROSS STITCHED handles which is a traditional way of sewing the straps to the bags.
We have recently processed a few orders for the bags with NON-CROSS STITCHED handles and since it turned out to be such a success we are happy to present it to the world.
This elegant option is especially recommended in the designs with edge to edge printing.

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Cotton Bag Challenge

I have to admit it took us a while to come to terms with 5p plastic bags tax. The media was full of stories about trolley thefts, increased production of shopping baskets or fierce arguments between shoppers and cashiers. If you still find this law difficult to digest why not set yourself up for a Cotton Bag Challenge. Very simple task indeed – get a reusable cotton shopping bag.

Here at Cotton Barons we have been using Cotton Bags since the late 90’s and we cannot imagine packing our goods in plastic carrier bags. Just think about the capacity and durability of the fabric. It also protects your purchased items from brakeage and it’s convenient to carry around. And for the fashionistas out there you can perfectly cooperate your cotton bags with your outfit.

Personally, I prefer folding my bags and storing them in my kitchen cupboard than binning another plastic bag.

Why not try it yourself.

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Eco Start of the Year

We really want to celebrate the beginning of the New Year in Eco style with our Clients. That is why we would like to offer our Best Selling Cotton Bag in super attractive price. A natural cotton tote, 38 x 41 cm with long or short handles. A good quality bag which is an inseparable part of any business launch. Starting just at £0.85 + VAT for a single colour print with orders for 100 units. A fantastic offer ending on 31.12.2016.

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Many thanks to Cotton Barons

Many thanks to Cotton Barons for producing our wonderful printed wine bag.
We now offer it as a gift to every client during our tours of the Loire Valley, and it is very much appreciated.
It is no exaggeration to say that the Loire Valley Wine Tour goodie bag has become world famous!

Colin G. Elliott from Loire Valley Wine Tour

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