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Thinking of injecting something new and exciting into your brand but stuck for ideas? Then fear not as we are here to help. With so much to choose from on our website we are certain we can help you create something special and memorable.

Spreading the word of your brand is of course hugely important and something we can strongly help you with.  More and more companies are seeing the value of giving away eco-friendly cotton bags to the public as a method of advertising.

With such a great reuse factor, cotton bags are a fantastic way for thousands of people to see your brand.

Now that more and more people are bringing their own bags when shopping there has never been a better time to advertise through this avenue.

Tips on Designing

Choosing the right promotional bag for your company may seem like a daunting task at first but hopefully after reading these next few tips and ideas you will soon be underway, creating a bold and exciting design.

The use of colour is incredibly important. Knowing which colours go together and which ones don’t is crucial. When thinking about this, it is a good idea to choose the main colour of the bag to be able to represent the theme of your business. For example, if you have an environmental type of company then a green cotton bag might be a good idea, as this is globally recognised to represent  something eco-friendly.

Be bold. By this we mean stand out. A great way of doing this is by keeping things very simple. Just choosing 2 or 3 colours that combine well is often the better way to stand out than choosing 6 or 7. Such as Green, Black and white which of course is the famous colour theme for Starbucks.

Make sure your logo is clear and easy to read. It should be the first thing that people see when looking at your bag. If it can draw in people’s eyes then you know you are onto a winner.



If you are looking for some inspiration for your design then there are many articles you can find online. Ranging from both basic and in depth tutorials, they are all worth a read to see how your design can benefit. As we have already touched upon the usage of colour, this next part will focus on the other key aspects of design.


Equally as important as colour is the font you choose. The human eye finds it tricky to read multiple font styles so keeping it simple is the key to making it effective. Not only this but different fonts can actually portray different emotions. A rounded edge portrays a friendlier and warm approach whereas a hard-edged style is more powerful and formal.


Utilising the use of space is an important part of creating a powerful and memorable image. Do not be afraid of dead space. Sometimes leaving a ‘negative’ space around the letters allows them to breathe and can bring balance to your composition.


Size isn’t everything but it can have a large impact on your design. The most important feature on your cotton bag should be the largest, such as your logo. Applying the correct scale to this allows the public to not only notice your brand but more importantly remember it.

Alignment & Symmetry

Alignment and symmetry are great tools that can help your design look professional and dramatic. Feel free to use borders and guidelines when aligning text and images, an aesthetically pleasing design is always a winner.

Up to Date

Knowing what’s fashionable right now and in this season is essential. It is always worth doing your research to find out what kinds of things are popular at the moment. Social media is a fantastic place to start as this is always full of new and fresh ideas. Simply checking on how many likes certain images and posts have had is an easy way of finding out what is working right now.


Contrast is a natural way of making something stand out. Using contrasting colours can give clear emphasis on certain aspects of your image. As simple as using a light coloured font on a dark coloured background can allow your text to really shine through.

If you are able to keep these different aspects in mind when creating your design you are sure to make something that people will both use and enjoy.


The personal touch

Our cotton bags are of course not just for companies. They also make a great personal gift for someone. After all, personalising something has always been a great way to make your gift extra special. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present adding a personal touch shows them the care and effort you have put in. Here at Cotton Barons we feel that designing your own idea should be easy and fun! That’s why we have so many different colours and products for you to choose from. For example, our popular cotton bags come in 20 different fresh and bold colours such as Azure Blue, Magenta and Heather. In a range of different sizes and styles these cotton bags are the perfect way to hold a number of different gifts. Not only this but as our products are practical, durable and bespoke they are always a welcome guest in anyone’s household. Carrying heavy books, a light lunch or even the weekly big shop, these bags will help to take away any hassle involved. Not to mention we also offer the option of designing your own Apron. A brilliant gift for anyone who fancies themselves to be the new Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver.

Whether you are looking at designing a bespoke present, promotional item or gift bag we are certain we have something for you. Our experienced design team are here to take your vision and make it come to life. A truly rewarding process that is both fun and easy.

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