How to Personalize and Decorate Cotton Bags

Cotton is a natural lightweight yet durable material that doesn’t tear easily even when wet. Bags made of cotton can be used to transport and store a wide variety of items: groceries, toiletries, laundry, jewellery, wedding favours, and more.

Cotton can easily be personalized to suit any style or purpose. Customized cotton bags are an excellent choice if you want to promote a brand or special event.

Screen printing, digital printing and embroidery are three of the best ways to personalize and decorate cotton bags.

Screen Printing Vs Digital Printing

Cotton bags can be screen or digitally printed with many different designs and logos.

Screen printing
Screen printing is a traditional manual method to apply designs to cloth.
A stencil of the design is created, then the stencil is placed on the cloth and layers of ink are painted on the stencil to achieve the final look.
Screen printing is best for medium to large designs that don’t have intricate detail.
It is recommended for big orders.

Digital Printing
Digital printing is a modern electronic method to apply designs to cloth.
Images or logos are scanned or created digitally with graphic design software. The design is applied to the cloth with a heavy duty printer that can handle cloth of different thicknesses. Most printers designed for home use are not suitable for quality screen printing on cotton so it’s best left to professionals.

Digital printing is suitable for most designs. It’s particularly good for small and intricate designs that are difficult or impossible to create with screen printing.
Due to the lengthy process, it applies mainly to small orders.


Embroidery is an elegant way to decorate cotton bags. For upscale hotels, it’s one of the most popular choices for branding cotton goods like bags and towels. Wedding planners often opt for embroidery to personalize cotton gift bags for guests.

Embroidery, in the past, was sewn by hand, but now it can be quickly applied by machine.

Cotton Barons offers several customization options for our eco-friendly cotton bags. Contact us today to create cotton bags that will help you to promote your brand or special event.

How Drawstring Cotton Bags Are Made

Drawstring cotton bags are an excellent way to store and carry a variety of items: jewellery, party favours, toiletries, toys, baked goods, clothing, exercise equipment, and more.

Producing a drawstring cotton bag that has good proportion, strength, and a drawstring that easily opens and closes isn’t as simple as it may first appear. Quality of materials and exacting techniques are needed to create a durable bag that can be safely reused many times.

Cotton fabric is available in several weights. The heavier the weight, the more durable and suitable the cotton is for holding larger, heavier items. For environmental and health reasons, cotton cloth that is free from toxic chemicals and dyes is best.

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How to Take Care of Your Cotton Bag

Cotton bags are an excellent reusable option for storing and carrying a variety of items including clothing, groceries, baked goods, toiletries, jewellery and wedding favours.

Cotton is very durable and has the unique property of increasing in strength when wet. To get the most life out of of a cotton bag, it’s important to clean it regularly because stains can weaken cotton fibre and cause it to tear.

By following the cleaning tips below, it’s easy to care for a cotton bag so it can be reused successfully for a long time. 

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Purchasing Reusable Cotton Grocery Bags vs Plastic or Paper: Impact on the Environment

Using natural reusable cotton grocery bags instead of plastic or paper grocery bags helps to protect the environment.


Plastic bags are rarely sturdy enough to reuse more than a few times – they stretch and tear too easily.

Petroleum, dyes, plasticisers, and other toxic chemicals are used to produce plastic bags. In many parts of the world, not many plastic grocery bags are recycled. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it photo-degrades, so it slowly breaks into small pieces. It can take up to 1000 years for degradation to complete. In the meantime, toxic substances in the plastic leach into the environment.

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5 Features of Good Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Customised packaging is an effective eye-catching way to promote a brand or commemorate a special event.

When you’re looking for the best bespoke packaging solutions for your needs, keep the following 5 criteria in mind:

1. Quality

The packaging you choose should be attractive, durable, and simple to open and close. It should be well constructed for the item(s) that it will hold.

Cotton is a strong yet light weight packaging option. It’s appropriate for wrapping a variety of products including jewellery, cosmetics, clothing, baked goods and wine. It’s simple to apply dye and print on good quality cotton, creating a crisp look that draws attention.

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Important Benefits of Using Cotton Products vs Products Made of Other Materials

Cotton offers a unique mix of characteristics. It’s ideal for creating many products including cotton packaging bags for storing and presenting everything from wedding favors to baked goods.

Opting for eco-friendly cotton products over products made with other materials is an excellent solution if you’re looking for an affordable, versatile and environmentally friendly material.

Top 10 benefits of using cotton instead of other materials:

1. Soft

Natural cotton, free of toxic chemicals and dyes, doesn’t irritate the skin like synthetic fibres and treated cotton can. Natural cotton also won’t trigger allergic reactions.

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Bags of Options

Thinking of injecting something new and exciting into your brand but stuck for ideas? Then fear not as we are here to help. With so much to choose from on our website we are certain we can help you create something special and memorable.

Spreading the word of your brand is of course hugely important and something we can strongly help you with.  More and more companies are seeing the value of giving away eco-friendly cotton bags to the public as a method of advertising.

With such a great reuse factor, cotton bags are a fantastic way for thousands of people to see your brand.

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Why Cotton Bags Are a School Essential

The time has come – summer is almost over, and we’re all starting to get prepared for the back to school experience that September brings. Whether you’re preparing yourself for school or university, or you’re trying to get your little one prepared, you have probably already drawn up a checklist.

School uniform? Tick. Notepads? Tick. Pens and pencils? Tick. But what else are you forgetting?

Here at Cotton Barons, we offer a range of cotton products, and some of them might just be the answer to many of your back to school problems! Let’s see what we’ve got for you…

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The History of British Cotton

Cotton has been around as long as some of humanity’s oldest civilizations, and today remains one of our most important raw materials for making textiles to use and wear. It is estimated that as far back as 4500 BC the ancient civilizations of Mexico  were cultivating cotton, as well as places over in the Indus Valley not long after that.

But it wasn’t until the European imperialists established thriving sea trade networks around the world that cotton really took off as a global commodity. The British East India Company introduced cotton to Britain, and thereafter demand began to grow.

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13 Ways to Use Cotton Drawstring Bags

Since the 5p bag rule was so rightly introduced, more and more people are seeing just how useful and worthwhile quality cotton bags are. Here at Cotton Barons, we offer a whole range of durable bags that are made from 100% cotton and are incredibly practical.

Available in different sizes and shapes, as well as being fully customisable, our cotton bags will cover all kinds of individual needs and requirements, from your favourite colour to a personalised logo.

Check out our cotton drawstring bags. They will provide you with a quick and comfortable way to carry your things or keep them together, whether it is for your weekly food shop or a unique way to wrap up a gift.

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