10 Most Quirky Cotton Products of 2017

What a creative year…It has been so bespoke that we thought it would be worth summarizing and sharing our results with others.

We have made thousands of tote bags and cotton drawstring bags in various shapes, colours and weights.

Our creativeness did not stop though.

This year we have used cotton fabric in order to make some fantastic products, such as:

Umbrella Bag
Long and narrow, made to measure cotton drawstring bag from thick canvas. Great packaging for high-end products. Later ideal for storing dry umbrella which safely hangs in the wardrobe when the sun is high in the sky.

Sword Bag
The name says it all. Journey in time is possible with this funky shape bag. Made for souvenir shops who serve the castle visitors.

Newspaper Bag
Very clever type of a bag with a strap in the middle instead of the sewn bottom. Perfect for hospitality sector. Morning paper will never look the same again in our cotton bag.

Cotton Cheese Wrap
A drawstring bag with a round base made to measure for… cheese. Perfect match of natural cheese with 100% natural Oeko-Tex certified fabric.

Zip Bag for Knitting Sticks
Your knitting sticks are safe in the wide zip bag. Made to measure to fit the long sticks. You do not need to be afraid that the sticks will stick out from the wool. Perfect product of any gift shop.

Book Cover
Not a paper book cover but a cotton one. Elegant cosy wrapping for your favourite title. Another beautiful pair made of cotton and paper.

Pouch for a Sex Toy
Yes, our cotton possibilities are endless. The only limitation is the width of the fabric.

Bag for Tiny Cups
Little pouch for nipple heals. Perfect storage pouch for the smallest and most delicate products that needed to be stored. They will never be lost when kept in our pouch.

Dog Poop Zip Bag
Name is slightly confusing but it is not so misleading as you think. Tiny zip bag for dog poop bags. Instead of storing the bags in your pocket, they are neatly placed in the zip bag with a little loop.

Kettle Bag
Can you just imagine storing the kettle in a bag? We can, as we know it is perfect protection form any scratches. The kettle sits safely in the drawstring bag when purchased.

Clients are our designers and the above list has been created thanks to them. In the plastic free time we are certain 2018 will be even more creative. It has started.

Have a Cotton Year Everyone!

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