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Ecological Cotton Products to Advertise Your Business

Welcome to Cotton Barons
Bespoke Cotton Products Manufacturer

We are a customer orientated company where the attentive office team and highly skilled production unit brings cotton ideas to life.

Our products are made for Clients according to their needs and specifications. Each and every item is made from scratch to customers' instructions, creating truly bespoke products. We don’t compromise on construction or customisation. We are not afraid of challenges and taking on variety of enquiries.

We love beautiful things which are durable, recyclable and are made close to nature. As origin of the fabric is very important to us all our materials are sourced at trusted and fully certified EU fabric wholesaler. We truly believe that everything can be wrapped in cotton.

Click through our site now and explore ever-expanding range of cotton bags with handles, drawstring bags, wedding favours, sling bags, bottle bags, zip bags, aprons, tea towels, cushion covers, handkerchiefs, pouches, garment covers and even Christmas stockings... We are pleased to invite you to enjoy creating together.

  • Cotton Bags

    Cotton Bags

    Here at Cotton Barons we have been using 100% cotton bags for the last 15 years and we would never swap them for plastic ones. We make cotton bags in a variety of shapes and sizes. Every occasion is worth having a bag.

  • Cotton Drawstring Bags

    Cotton Drawstring Bags

    If you are looking for appealing and effective packaging for gifts or vendor wrapping, we can make that for you! We offer bespoke pouches made from high quality cotton in a wide range of sizes and colours.

  • Aprons

    Cotton Aprons

    Aprons are an inseparable part of any promotional event, particularly in catering or hospitality industry. Personalised aprons with your company's logo add this extra touch which every business needs.

  • Bottle Bags

    Cotton Bottle Bags

    Our Bottle Bags are a vital part of every wine shop, brewery or tasting event. Fantastic and stylish packaging is a great way to promote any brand. Wine, whisky and gin producers have already chosen our bespoke bottle bags.

  • ZIP Bags

    Cotton ZIP Bags

    Take interest in the latest addition to our products range - cotton zip bags. They have become a crucial element of the cosmetic industry. There are many varieties to choose from: travel bags, make up or zip pocket pouches.

  • Other Cotton Products

    Other Cotton Products

    There is a long list of cotton products in our offer which is constantly expanding and developing. It just shows how flexible we are with our productions and how open we are to new ideas from our Clients.

  • Cotton Creations

    Become a designer for a moment.  This brand new tool will help you design a unique cotton product which will be created right in front of your eyes.  Here at Cotton Barons Cotton Possibilities are endless.

  • Services


    Personalisation of cotton products is as important as the product itself.  This is why we offer high quality screen printing, embroidery, labelling or even individual item packing to make the product truly yours. 

  • Cotton Work

    Our Work

    The photo gallery of our cotton projects is the evidence of our hard work. There is nothing better than seeing the final result of our Clients' idea and our input. Please take a look at our latest projects we are so proud of.

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Browse the website to find a suitable product as per size, purpose or create your own. However if you have not found what you are looking for or you have a special request we invite you to contact us directly via email or phone.

Cotton Products to Promote Your Business

At Cotton Barons we fully understand that all types of businesses need to promote themselves using different means. Our cotton bags personalised with your unique logo is a fantastic way to advertise your business. Your company will gain ecological image thanks to the use of biodegradable and recyclable cotton bags.
Bespoke Handmade Cotton Packaging

Best quality is the key:

  • short lead time
  • meeting deadline
  • a minimum order quantity of 100 units
  • large orders quick turnaround
  • quantity discounts
  • working to a budget
  • European production

Bespoke Handmade Cotton Packaging

Why shall we compromise on packaging? We truly believe that each and every product requires a unique wrapping. This is why none of our bags are stocked and they are made to order according to our Clients' specifications. Here at Cotton Barons we make pouches, bags, zip bags which not only wrap but also hold your product in style. Our cotton pouches have become an important part of many businesses already.
Cotton Products to Promote Your Business

Presenting, wrapping, storing:

  • personal assistance through the project
  • custom made bags to fit your product
  • high quality, carefully selected fabrics
  • screen printing, embroidery
  • sampling service
  • sewing service from fabric provided
  • fabric dyeing to match specific Pantone

Customer Support

Patience, attentiveness and clear communication are principles of our business. We always go this extra mile in order to create a unique product.
Customer care is at the heart of our company.







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